Earth Stones

Panel Dimensions: 4’W x 8’H
Thickness: ¼”, except where noted

For the homey look of brick masonry, select the popular whitewash look of Brick Bianco, the warm red of Gaslight II or the golden hues captured in Brookline. Add a panel or two and create a new focal point in the room of your choice, or you may decide to finish an entire space.

  • Brick Bianco

    287 Brick Bianco

    Gray brick.

  • Brookline

    297 Brookline

    Tan brick.

  • Canyon Stone

    173 Canyon Stone

  • Capri Stone

    166 Capri Stone

  • Carriage House

    290 Carriage House

    Red brick.

  • Dakota Stone

    177 Dakota Stone

  • Desert Stone

    165 Desert Stone

  • Gaslight II

    288 Gaslight II

    Classic dark red brick with black mortar.

  • Hacienda Paintable

    162 Hacienda Paintable

    3/16" Thickness

  • Newcastle

    178 Newcastle

  • Umber Stone

    168 Umber Stone

  • White Stone

    167 White Stone