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Walls and Early Learning…There’s a Natural Connection

Whether you’re a parent creating a play room; or an educator updating a classroom, decorative wall panels are worth exploring! The walls of a room help frame and shape an environment. Physical environs can actually have an impact on learning for children, and are proven to reduce stress and encourage healing, for all ages. Biophilic design, which is a fancy term for bringing natural elements into the built environment, is now used in many hospitals, schools, and physician’s offices for that very reason. Elements such as natural light, plants, and more natural materials (such as wood and stone) can create a sense of bringing the “outside inside”. DPI panels are an ideal natural material, offering the convenient option of a natural wood grain, brick, or stone appearance. There is even a paintable panel, if you’d prefer to add some color. We’ve all seen classrooms or play rooms that, although cute, were almost too “busy; with brightly colored walls and posters. Studies at Carnegie Mellon have shown that brightly colored kindergarten classrooms and “distractability” go hand-in-hand. So, what other backdrop can provide a better calming sense of belonging and comfort to a child, than DPI decorative wood and brick panels ? Yes, there are good reasons to create biophilic spaces for children. And, you now know one of the most beneficial ways to start…walls and early learning. There’s a natural connection! We’d love to see photos of how you’ve creatively used decorative wall panels to enhance play and learning environments.

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